Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I recently commented on new followers.  A few days ago a new follower joined but I couldn't identify which one it was because it didn't add on at the usual place.  Not a problem.  Then today there was one less follower.  Curiosity made me try and find out who had left the fold.  No luck.  Ah well.  I suspect that many of the followers don't actually follow anyway.

All over the area at the moment are these beautiful flowers.  They are bulbs.  Can anyone put a name to the for me?


  1. It will come as no surprise to you that I haven't a clue what it is. It's pale yellow and wet.

  2. It's a beautiful flower whatever it is. The dark spots on the bottom petals remind me of those on some tulip, but it doesn't look quite like a tulip in other respects, does it? Lily? I can't recall ever seeing any flower looking quite like that in the middle though...

    As for followers, my conclusion after recent moving of two blogs is that (much as I suspected) apart from those who comment regularly, it is not altogether easy to say who is "really" following or not... That Followers gadget in the sidebar does not tell the whole truth!

  3. Ditto with Monica's thoughts about the followers. Over the years, it's changed and changed again - one day showing more, the next showing less. I don't even really look through it anymore.

    And with me, I follow new blogs sometimes, simply because I don't want to forget about them - there may be something touching, something that they share that I can learn more about, etc. I may not visit them every day but do, usually, at least once a week to peek in.

    As for you, I will always follow :)

    I LOVE this little pale yellow flower. It caught my eye instantly. It reminds me a little of the johnny-jump-ups that we have here, although the petals are not the same.

  4. Pretty little flower. It reminds me of some sort of plumeria that grows in Hawaii. But really, I have no idea. :) It seems to have survived the deluge of rain you've endured.

  5. Thanks all. A friend, Margaret, texted me today to say that the flower is a Acidanthera.