Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Has Arrived!

I'm writing this at 0200 1 January 2011 NZ time, 1300 New Year's Eve UK time and 0800 New Year's Eve US Easter time.  In California it's probable that at 0500 you are still in bed!  

I'm eating cheese and biscuits and downloading 287 photos that I took this evening.  At about 2100  I went out and 'climbed' the Sugar Loaf Reserve at Tiranui not far from here and overlooking Napier.  In fact from the top I had a complete 360 deg panorama from the coast to the central ranges of the Island.  Then the family and friends and I all went to the beach at Napier waterfront and watched the midnight firework display.

Drinks to toast the New Year in at friends and then home.  Now, as I've had almost nothing to drink this evening, I'm treating myself to a glass of wine and some cheese and biscuits before bed whilst I blog.

 Napier City from Sugar Loaf Reserve, Tiranui, Napier

 Everyone starts to gather on the foreshore



 And again

 Lots of 60s songs

 Outside the Soundshell

 It's getting busy

Twenty minutes of fireworks

OK it's nearly 0300.  I'm going to bed.  Sorry, Adrian, I wanted to post them tonight before bed so I haven't even had time to de-noise the images.


  1. Well blow me down backwards!! Words to that effect............stunning pictures some of the best I have ever seen. The best I have ever seen. Sure you didn't use a Box Browney?
    There isn't a bad one but the three silhouette ones are superb.
    I'll go before my command of English dissipates to zero and I write Golly Gosh! and F..k Me!

  2. Happy New Year GB! Can't believe it's come around so fast (at least we have a few hours of December left here - I wonder what I can get done!)

  3. Awesome story through your pictures! I felt like I was there!
    My best wishes to you for a very happy new year!
    I look forward to a new year of your adventures!

  4. Hey, Adrian, go easy. A bit of luck and it can be amazing what happens. Actually I used a Kodak VPK (remember them? I think I still have mine).

    Well, Helen, I hope that this is a really Special Year for you and Ian. See you on 16 July!

    Thanks Lisa. I'm looking forward to your adventures too.

  5. What a fantastic view!

    Looks like a fantastic night. We bbq'd with the neighbours, but could hear and feel the rumbling of the Sky Tower fireworks in Auckland. We caught a bit on TV 1. Pretty neat.

    I hope the weather holds out for a New Years day picnic today. Have a good one!!

  6. It looks like a wonderful way to celebrate, Graham!

  7. Your silhouettes are just beautiful! Atmospheric indeed! I had a nice night with the family and four lots of neighbours, being called Granny by 7 littlies, can't ask for better than that.

    Hope 2011 is a good one for you - (despite the currency exchange rate)!

  8. Are we there yet ? Noooooooo still 2010 here. Happy New Year and may you have many more

  9. Wonderful night photos, Graham. What a fantastic way to say farewell to the old year and welcome the new one. (This year in spite of a number of attempts I never once managed to press the button at the right moment to catch any of the fireworks I could see in the sky from my windows and balcony.)
    Happy New Photo Year! :)

  10. looks like a grand time. love the silhouette shots. I stayed home warm and safe. my goal is not write 2010 on paperwork!

  11. awesome photos Graham and what a wonderful way to see in the New Year. pretty boring here. Makes me wonder........