Sunday, 26 December 2010


This Christmas the children, as usual, had some pretty expensive presents including a season's access to the ski slopes of Mt Ruapahu.  However the presents that seem to have claimed the most attention on Christmas Day have been simple ones.  Not the least of these are the bottles of bubble fluid and blower that everyone received in their stocking (including me!).  So following on from the science of advanced bubble blowing equipment upon which I posted two Christmases ago in Bubbles I have discovered that considerable advances have been made in bubble blowing equipment in those two years.  The new bubble ring design is as demonstrated by Catriona, right.

Wendy, in particular, seemed to be having a great time perfecting the bubble shower and speculating on how high bubbles can and do rise into the air.  Certainly some disappeared from view before, presumably, bursting.

I was fascinated by the fact that in a shower of bubbles some appeared to reflect a spectrum of colours and some appeared completely clear and colour free.  Chasing the perfect picture of a bubble occupied many happy moments on Christmas Day.


 Pre-bubble bubble sausage

 Bubble shower

 Thought bubble

 What can I say?

 You have to look very carefully


Can you see me?


  1. Lovely magical bubbles! Great pictures too.
    We took a bubble machine to the park once and the children were entranced. Amused to see you can get special chicken flavoured mix for dogs too!
    Thanks for the blog mention...hoping for a peaceful night down here after such stark reminder of mother nature's force. All city based shakes too which makes them feel worse than usual ...

  2. With such bubbles, who needs baubles! ;) Glad you had fun, Graham - and the pictures are magic! The reflections in the last ones are awesome. (Yes, I can see you...)

  3. You're right, it's the simple old fashioned pleasures that seem to be most enjoyed. In our case it was plastercine. (My fingers were too busy to take photos.) Your bubbles are fab. Love Wendy's thought bubble and the reflections.

  4. Great shots!!! Love the sparkles. I thought I might need Ray's reading glasses but I did see that teensy-weensy bubble ;)

  5. Wow! I never thought pictures of bubbles would come out so well! The thought bubble cracked me up!