Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thankful Thursday

Last Thursday Jaz of Treacy Travels wrote a blog post entitled Thankful Thursday.  I though 'What a wonderful post'.  I spent a while contemplating the things for which I am thankful and for which I feel thankful every day that I wake.  Then when I was awake in the middle of the night one night I wrote some of the things down starting with being thankful that I don't suffer from insomnia.

The interesting coincidence was that one of the books I read when I was on the journey across the world was Alexander McCall Smith's The Lost Art of Gratitude.  'She had not expected him to thank her: indeed she rarely expected anybody to thank her for anything.  Gratitude was a lost art, she felt.  People accepted things, took them as their right, and had forgotten how to give proper thanks..........he had at least said thank you and she, in turn, was thankful for that."  

So today I am especially thankful for:

walks with my brother

days on the mountains

my son Gaz


  1. Lovely post and pictures... Thank you! :)

  2. Lovely

    Taking the worth it.

    Thanks GB :-)

  3. You are welcome and, Jaz, thanks for the idea.

  4. So much to be grateful for! Thank you for the reminder to reflect upon all the wonderful things I have to give thanks for. (Ooops, sorry about the prepositions!)

  5. McCall Smith...the man's got a real knack (she under-stated)...
    enjoyed the post GB...thanks...

  6. Walks with my brother would be very high on my list too - thanks for that!