Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Why Do I Feel Guilty?

0730 and a call from Wendy to ask if I’d look after the two youngest whilst she took Martin to the Practice.  Son One is working there today and Son Two is going over to take Misty to the dog groomer.  Dora the Explorer is in dock so they are down to one car and I needed mine today.  No problem.  They played Monopoly and Scrabble and ate boiled eggs with Marmite soldiers whilst I got on with the morning’s tasks.  

At 0700 I had put on the TV to see the news but, primarily, to get the weather forecast.  There was to be an explanation of the proposed Whanau Ora scheme which interested me.  TV One’s Breakfast Programme stayed on.  Now I’m not a great TV watcher although I would definitely not like to be without it.  I certainly am not a watcher of morning TV.  But the TV stayed on in the background this morning.  The children obviously have a capacity to multi-task and watched and commented on the news and programme generally whilst playing their games. 

So please tell me this: why did I feel guilty having the TV on?  Why?


  1. Because we usually associate having it on, with doing nothing?
    TV programming during the day makes me crazy! It's funny, I love to watch movies at night, but during the day, the TV is just a lot of noise to me. I know, I'm weird. :)

  2. Might it not have made you feel a bit "split" giving some of your attention to the TV instead of focusing on the children? If I'm alone I can have the TV on in the background but when I'm with someone (talking) I find it very distracting. In a big family though I suppose it's something you grow used to...

  3. I absolutely abhor having the TV on in the background as noise when the family - or anyone else for that matter - is around and we are trying to talk unless there is a specific programme being watched. But the children seemed to be enjoying it and it didn't seem to distract them at all. And I found it interesting so left it on!

    So no, Lisa, I don't think you are weird at all.

    Because it was first thing in the morning, Monica, I had other tasks to get on with and the children were, for the most part, amusing themselves except when we had breakfast. You said you can have it on in the background and I know a lot of people do. That statement has just made me realise that my TV, so to speak, is my music. I invariably have music on to suit my mood. For a lot of the time it is just background. My Mum loved music but only if she could sit and listen to it properly. But she would have the radio on if she was doing housework - I don't have a radio (oh yes I do actually: in the unit I use to play my music. I suspect it needs an aerial though).

    I wonder if it it boils down to sometimes wanting some sort of company when we are on our own.

  4. Yes I think so - the right kind of sounds (according to mood) can be sort of company. I don't always have something on, though. When writing, I don't mind silence - provided that it really is quiet! (I prefer sounds of my choice rather than noise I have not chosen.) In the kitchen - "talking" programmes on the radio. Resting - audio books or music. Reading - silence or classical music. Evenings I sometimes leave the TV on between programmes, from the study I can hear when the next thing I'm interested in starts.

  5. No need to feel guilty. I have the radio on during the day when I'm at home but turn if off if the girls or anyone else arrives. One lot of voices (noise) at a time is enough for me! But strangely enough this morning I am listening to music, fits my mood better. Whatever keeps us happy is what we should have, I reckon.