Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Seeking The Perfect Picture

A couple of years ago I posted a picture of an Australasian Harrier with its road kill.  I see these wonderful birds every day but rarely have the opportunity for what I would consider the perfect picture.  These are the best I could manage this summer.  The first was taken In Northland on the road from Pauline’s to Maungakaramea in January and the other two were taken at The Cottage.





  1. Impressive. I wouldn't like to get too close to one of those, I think...

  2. Yes, he could do some serious damage! That first photo is amazing! That could be the perfect picture of that Harrier, for sure. Look at the size of his legs & feet.

  3. I think that first shot of one of my locals is as near to perfect as you could possibly get. He's beautiful! (in a very low must have a very co-operative driver to capture such shots!)

  4. I'd be more than happy with just one of them - the last one is brilliant!