Monday, 12 April 2010

One For Cynthia

Cynthia posted on Hummingbird Moth At The Lilacs on Saturday.  I commented on how great they were and that they were similar to the Convolvulus Hawk Moth that I’d photographed in Menorca.  I said that we don’t have the Hawk Moths in New Zealand but although they are not in my book they are, according to the New Zealand, Landcare Research, a native but are called a Kumera (Sweet Potato) Hawk Moth.  Cynthia asked me to show my photos so here they are:





  1. Never seen anything like it, I think. I associate moths with much smaller (and nocturnal) creatures.

  2. Wow. Great shots. Interesting wing shapes.

  3. Isn't that so pretty?

    Did you identify it from your "Handbook for young mothers?"

    Sorry, couldn't resist, I've loved that little joke since I first heard it when I was 14 or so.

  4. THESE ARE FANTASTIC!!! How you got a still shot is beyond me.
    I saw something similar here a couple of years ago, and couldn't really tell if it was a bird or a moth. Great photos!

  5. Well...look at you...
    ;^) ;^) ;^)
    Absolutely amazing shots...I know, since the creatures seldom stop moving!!!
    I like the one with the peach color showing in the wings.
    So incredible.
    Thank you, GB. ;^)
    I really appreciate you posting these so I could see, as well as benefiting all of the other readers with these exquisite shots.