Saturday, 24 April 2010

Not Quite Home

I arrived in Glasgow this afternoon to find that Stornoway Airport had been closed because of the ash situation. I could have got home later this evening but I was very tired and the idea of spending an evening catching up with Gaz was very appealing.  It is now after 11pm and I've had a lovely Moroccan dinner cooked by Gaz, lots of chat, the odd glass of wine and some things to blog about too. I've now been awake over 50 hours apart from a few dozy hours on the flight from Auckland to Los Angeles so I'm a bit tired.  Hopefully I'll be home mid afternoon tomorrow.


  1. Sleep well and I hope the sun is shining for the last leg and your arrival back in that other home.

  2. Glad to hear that at least you got all the way to Glasgow without the ash cloud getting in the way. Hope you got a few hours proper sleep before the last part of the journey. ♥