Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I know that some of you will be getting rather bored with my car postings but I love these old cars so I’m indulging my own desires as well as the few out there who may share them.  In this case this is not unlike the Bentley my Uncle Eric owned many years ago.  These were, of course, taken at Art Deco Weekend.

DSC06172 DSC06173 No shortage of instrumentation

DSC06176Now that is an engine in it’s raw beauty without today’s electronic wizardry

DSC06177 And how is that for an handmade leather fan belt?



  1. Absolutely drop dead gorgeous. tell him to get some filters on the SUs. Of course he has, takes them off for the show.
    You have shot these well. Hard to do with loads of reflective surfaces.
    I will always regret never going to NZ, never thought entertainment went much beyond the 'Pretty sheep competition'.

  2. Ps Still raining......Never Knew Velcro was invented that long ago. Maybe not Velcro!

  3. That is one clean machine! You must have had a blast!

  4. That must be the cleanest engine I've ever seen... And it's certainly a car with a "personality". And another one of those mentioned in old novels...

  5. I suspect, Adrian, that the filters are huge pancake ones which would obscure the whole engine - after all they need to filter onehelluvalot of air.