Sunday, 11 April 2010

Age Cometh Not Alone

In fact I could write a book about it: the glorious freedom of age and so much more.  I may yet at least write some blog postings.  This morning, however, I stepped into the shower with my spectacles on.  Oh dear.

And on that note I’m off to the second day of my last Tournament of the season.  Yesterday my partner and I dropped only one game out of 6 and that by only one hoop.  So I’m a happy little bunny. 


  1. hmmm...I sometimes go to bed before taking out my contacts, and then I wonder why I can see the alarm clock so clearly, and have to get back up again to take them out. Hmph!

    Congrats on the croquet! :)

  2. :) With age? Oh dear...I'm going to be a terrible mess some day, because, even though I don't wear spectacles...I find myself in many little forgetful predicaments. It's always refreshing to know that others do these things too.

    I received your note with a smile and will say "woo-hoo" on your happy play day yesterday!!

  3. Ah well, at least you knew where they were! There's always a bright side. Hope you end your season on a high note today.

  4. :^)
    I don't think that it is necessarily about age...sometimes it's an overloaded mind. ;^0
    That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it.

  5. That's not old age GB. Old age is spending half an hour looking for your specs whilst wearing them. Have a good game.

  6. Well, at least you got your glasses cleaned as well! I agree with the others: Not really a sign of old age, unless you tend to do it all the time! I hope you had a really good last game for the season.