Thursday, 22 April 2010

10 Hours 45 Minutes and Counting

I just decided that I had better look at my ticket to see what time I leave today.  The plane is due to leave Napier at 1755 and the London flight leaves Auckland at 2130.  I should be back on UK soil at 1100 on Friday having travelled for 11 more hours than time on the ground would suggest.  I think I’ve got that right.  Hopefully I’ll manage a blog later but now I’d better get on with the packing.


  1. Seen a couple of vapour trails today. still looks good.

  2. That's a lot earlier than I thought. So it looks as if you are not going to become an illegal immigrantafter all!
    Travel safely and see you at Stornoway Airport - hopefully on time.

    Luv x