Monday, 22 March 2010

The West Wing

Yesterday an era came to an end for me.  I am a great fan of the US television drama series The West Wing.  I have watched most of it over the years but the first time I watched most of it the disc with the last episode on it was faulty and I never managed to get to the end.  So I bought the whole series and have been watching it over the last year.  On Sunday I did the ironing and I watched the last episode.  I will miss it.  I cannot think of a series that I have enjoyed more. 

I suppose my view is caused to some extent by the fact that I spent my career in government – albeit local government.  Until many years after I retired no one knew my politics (not even my wife).  This was partly because I have been involved in elections most of my career (I was a Scottish Depute Returning Officer and Returning Officer for 20 years – a strictly non-political officer of the Crown) and in the UK we have a tradition of non-political senior government officers (a tradition which changed to an extent during my time in government but which I never came to terms with).

However in the last year or so I have been less reticent about my views.  If I lived in the US I would be a Democrat.  As a beneficiary of the UK’s National Health Service without which I would probably not be alive (it is unlikely I would by now be able to get private insurance) I have long felt that too many were excluded from the health care systems of North America.  So President Obama’s victory today seems to me like a Good Thing.  Will the US be able to afford it?  I don’t know.  Will the UK continue to be able to afford it?  I don’t know.  With aging populations few of our economies will continue to be able to sustain the standards of wealth to which many of my generation have become accustomed.

But I do think that President Bartlet would have been proud of President Obama.

So what series shall I become addicted to next?


  1. A sad, sad day! I hate to say it but since I finished watching the West Wing a few years ago I haven't come across a series as addictive and enjoyable.

  2. Ah, so I finally get to know what you did! (Sort of. I can't find a name for the Swedish equivalent of the title, if we have one.)

    I didn't watch The West Wing, I know the series was broadcasted on TV here but either it was too late at night for me or perhaps it collided with something else. I saw glimpses of it but not enough to get me caught up in it. Now I'm getting curious!

  3. As long as your next addiction is as pleasing to you as the last!