Friday, 12 March 2010

Off To Palmerston North

Tomorrow I shall be playing an inter-club match against Te Mata in the morning and then Jayne and Colleen and I are setting off in Lucy for a weekend tournament in Palmerston North.  This is the tournament in which Zoe and I won the doubles last year.  We had hoped to defend our title but this afternoon Zoe sprained her ankle and is hors de combat for a while. 
It’s a great shame for me because this would have been the last opportunity for us to partner each other this season.  Zoe has been the dream partner and we have a rapport which means that we rarely have to do anything other than exchange brief looks in a match if either is in doubt as to a course of action.  Consequently our play flows.  We didn’t end up too badly in The Nationals last week. In January 2009 I said that I fully expected Zoe to become a better player than I am.  Well she’s not quite beating me around the lawns yet but I still think it’s just a matter of time.  Certainly I hope that next season she will move on to higher things with a partner who can take her further in her journey that I am able to.  Hopefully we’ll still partner each other in some of the club doubles.


  1. I recently visited NZ and absolutely love it.

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  2. Everything is just a matter of time I think. Be in touch in a week or so when I get home again.