Sunday, 28 March 2010

Meet You At Ujazi

When I first came to New Zealand if Wendy and I were meeting in town it was always “Meet you at Ujazi at….”.  It seems that Ujazi is an iconic institution in Napier’s café society;  particularly as the café extends along the pavement in front of a prestigious art gallery.  We don’t meet in town so often these days because Wendy is at the Practice in Hastings most weekdays.  But when we do it’s still a case of “Meet you at Ujazi”.



Wendy waiting patiently whilst I take photos



  1. It looks like the old Napier Cafetaria that I visited regulalry as a kid. Is that the one GB?

  2. No. I'm not sure when Ujazi opened but café society represented by the many coffee shops in Napier's centre now is relatively recent: I'm told 20 years ago there were hardly any at all.

    I asked some of the older (70s and 80s) of my acquaintances this morning about the Napier Cafeteria. The consensus is that it was on Hastings street between Emerson Street and Tennyson Street. Ujazi is on Tennyson a few yards down from it's corner with Hastings Street. So it's no more than 50 yards from the old Napier Cafeteria.

    I'll try and get a definite fix and photograph it.