Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Shabby Girl posted about jeans today.  Actually although I’m writing this at about 1400 hrs Wednesday in NZ it’s still Tuesday in Shabby Girl’s part of the world (US).  And in about 7 weeks I’ll have to get used to being in the ‘wrong’ hemisphere and the ‘wrong’ time zone all over again.  As usual, I digress.  Anyway the post made me talk about my recent conversion and my comment was so long I decided to do my own post for those who wouldn’t otherwise visit Shabby Girl.

I'm a child of the '60s brought up in Liverpool in the shadow of The Beatles but I never owned a pair of jeans until a couple of years ago. In fact it was one of my proud boasts.  A (female) friend marched me into Napier's 'poshest' menswear shop and 'suggested' to the owner that he find me a pair of jeans that fitted properly round my bum (sorry, can't get used to butt). Despite my protestations I walked out with a pair and, contrary to my expectations, they are supremely comfortable. In NZ they are acceptable for dressing up or dressing down which is handy too.

The downside to me at the time was that they cost what I thought was going to be a wasted $NZ200. More than I would usually have paid for a 'proper' pair of trousers (and I have fairly expensive tastes). I now own probably 6 pairs of jeans (some here and some in the UK - I have to have two sets of clothes to prevent me carrying loads of luggage). I have learned a lesson. ALWAYS try jeans on before you get them home. Only three pairs fit me really well and the others just about qualify for working in the garden. Another two went straight to the charity shop/op shop/goodwill* Although jeans can be very expensive I'm not convinced there is a direct correlation between price/label and fit. One of my best fitting pairs only cost £35 ($NZ 75) from M&S.

Yes. I love my jeans. But not this afternoon. It's 28 deg again.

* Delete according to country of residence (it’s that English language again)!


  1. GB, gone are the days when one could just grab a pair. There are about six different styles, stretchy ones, distressed ones and ones I ignore completely.
    What happened to 501s?

  2. Just wrote a comment over at Shabby Girl's post but I'll write one here too. I love jeans. On myself, and on other people as well! And I totally agree there is no direct correlation between price/label and fit.

  3. hahaha..."it's that English language again." I'm smiling :)