Friday, 5 March 2010

Home Again, Again.

I arrived home late this afternoon and decided to make a list of that which I had to do before renewing my acquaintance with my friends in Blogland.  I settled down to a coffee with pen and paper in hand.  Leastways that's what I intended to do.  First, I thought, I'd just put the washing in the machine and unpack and....  Well you know how it is.  Before I knew it it was nearly 9pm and time to pop up and see Wendy and catch up with all the news.  Then I returned and had a long chat with a friend who's off to Oz.  And during all this time the hard drive on which all my photos are stored threw a hissy fit (sorry CJ but you won't be reading this anyway!) and decided not to allow the computer to read it.  There is a back-up of course but I decided a further spare copy would be a good idea.  That's still a work in progress.  Then Picassa updated itself, corrupted and stalled bringing the backup and computer to a full stop.  What is it with computers today?

Friends of The Family from the UK are coming to stay  in my spare bedroom tomorrow.  They are on a tour of NZ.  Why, oh why, did one of the furry creatures decide to cover the heavy quilted duvet cover on the spare bed with muddy footprints?  It must have happened before I went away but I hadn't noticed.  It's now washed and after 10 days of solid sun rain is forecast for tomorrow!  I'm hoping there will be enough sun and wind in the morning to dry it before it rains.


And now it's on it's way to 35 minutes past midnight and I've not even read a blog.  Ah well there's always tomorrow.  Leastways I hope there will be!

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  1. Well. Welcome Home to Blogland! :D Still the same old Time Optimist as before you went away on your last adventure, I see! ♥ (Some days just seem to be full of those "why, o why's", don't they?!)