Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Friend Indeed

Recently Sue, a friend of many years, commented that she didn’t have a ‘handle’ on my blog like Friend Who Knows Too Much has.  Although she knows different things the sheer length of time that we have been close means that she too knows a great deal about me.  Lots of which I definitely would not wish her to share with anyone else.  So for weeks I’ve had a dilemma.  What ‘handle’ could I find find for Sue.  After all the handle applied to Friend Who Knows Too Much could also apply to Sue.  But then the handles I thought of for Sue could also apply to some other friends that I have.  So here goes:  Sue from henceforth on my Blog you shall be referred to as Friend-whom-I'd-trust-with-my-life. 


  1. I would cherish and look after that life. Thank you.

  2. that is perfect for her. Now I wonder what I would be!!!!!!!!