Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blogging As A Reason For Living

I very rarely stray outside the safety of my small and cosy Blog world.  Yesterday my curiosity took over and I paid a visit to my latest Follower from The Simple Kiwi after all it’s a title hard to resist.  That led to me seeing the name The Last Visible Dog.  Eh?  Now that too became irresistible.  And I found a post entitled Blogging On.  It is just so true.  Of all the posts that you must visit today that one gets my vote.


  1. Blogging On - ALL THE TIME, everywhere and in everything I do, I think of sharing it with my friends here. I think it is because my friends here care about the things I do, appreciate what I see; as I do them ♥

    Glad you shared this :)

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blogs, you have left many comments on my photography blog that are encouraging to me in my quest to take better and more photo's, so thank you for that. I check in on your blog when I can.

    Thank you for mentining my blog in your post.