Friday, 19 March 2010

Back In Blogland

Once everyone knows I’m at a Tournament the emails dry up and I become isolated from Blogland and many of the friends who email me on a regular basis.  That’s to be expected because I’m not writing many emails either.  Out at 0745 and home at 1800 with a house guest and myself to feed and water doesn’t leave a lot of time because playing croquet for a whole day without rest is tiring so we’ve been in bed early.  And I mean early – 10.30 for me sometimes.  I know that’s late by New Zealand standards but it’s at least several hours before my usual bedtime.

So this morning I’m back in Blogland.  Why so early?  Well yesterday I had 5 golf croquet matches to play at Te Mata and was due to play Association Croquet at Marewa at noon.  Impossible.  The organisation was not taking into account that some people play in both disciplines.  Anyway 5 games would usually take at least 4 hours.  With a bit of waiting I finished my matches at 1.30 pm and then would have had a 20 minute drive to Marewa. Then it would have been about 6 hours of Association.  My wrists are just not up to that sort of punishment so I withdrew from the Association Tournament on Wednesday evening.  As it happens it was fortuitous because I would have been so late arriving at Marewa it would have caused chaos.  I did pop along to see how things were going.  It was the perfect afternoon for croquet.  Shame I’m missing it.

But, hey, playing the Glad Game I get to read blogs and catch up with what’s happening in our wee corner of Blogland.  And do the mountain of ironing and clean the ranch sliders and …..  Hmmm.  Think I’ll pop down to the lawns and see what’s happening.  At least I’ll be in the sun.  In the meantime JJ Cale is making my morning a happy one.

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