Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Journey North

I set out from The Cottage about 0930 on Monday 25th and arrived 570 ks later at around 1930.   The journey was started in rain but ended in the warm sun of Northland.  Through Auckland the traffic was quite bad but once on the toll road north of Auckland which cuts a lot of time and kilometers off the journey I made good time again.  It reminded me of the autoroutes of France where, likewise, you pay to cut journey times.  The difference is that in France the limit is 130 kph and the maximum speed limit anywhere in New Zealand is 100 kph.

The Toll Road and tunnel on State Highway 1 north of Auckland

My first sighting of The Uppity Downity Mountains: I knew I was nearing Pauline's and rest
Finally the beacon - very nearly in a safe refuge.

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  1. That landscape is getting to seem familiar! ;)