Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is It New Zealand Telecom?

Hi Folks.  I'm posting this just in case the Broadband link fails again.  I managed one or two comments this morning before the connection failed.  I did manage to download some blogs and read them but wasn't able to comment.  Hopefully I'll have time and the Broadband to enable me to achieve that aim this evening. (even though it's now 2300 hrs so I might fall asleep at the keyboard!  I've been out most of the day and then this evening after getting in late and having dinner and a long phone chat Wendy called to say they were going into the spa so I went up to The House and had a session in the spar with the odd glass of bubbly.    Would you believe that I didn't have my camera?  I had the opportunity for the perfect picture of Wendy with her head silhouetted by candles - and I missed it.  Quel dommage.

N Z Telecom have been having a bad time.  They put in a new N Z wide advanced XT mobile network.  So far there have been many outages and they have been getting a bad press (and Vodafone have been getting their customers).  In fact N Z Telecom are having a Very Bad Time at the moment.  Having moved their call centre to Manila in the Philippines there has been a spate of incidents with employees there sending abusive text messages to customers.

But I don't really care about all their woes.  I just want my (very expensive) mobile broadband to work!

Right.  With chocolate in my left hand and a mug of hot cocoa in the other I shall venture forth.....

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  1. Ah geez, mobile communication! We're heading back to Phoenix for the week, and I'm not looking forward to those problems!
    It's so frustrating to call for tech support and get another country, where verbal communication is difficult as well!
    Let's see, glad game....
    chocolate & hot cocoa, mmmmm. How bad can it be?