Friday, 5 February 2010


Hi Folks

It's nearly midnight on Friday and I've been back home for about 6 hours.  The Family weren't home so I set about unpacking and sorting things.  A few emails and texts to let people know that I'd arrived safe and sound followed and then I had something to eat (and treated myself to a gin and tonic).  

By 8.30 pm the Family had returned from their various exploits and  I went up to catch up with all the news - theirs and mine - so much can happen in 12 days.  I had planned an early night but we sat outside in the light of the moon and stars and yarned for a couple of hours until will-power got the upper hand and I came down to The Cottage determined to post an update before bed.

My journey home was pretty uneventful.  Traffic around Auckland was heavy and there had been an accident South of Auckland closing the State Highway and causing a 20 k detour but the rest of the journey was remarkably traffic free. 

And so now I'm off to bed and hopefully I'll wake in time to go to make a few phone calls and  go to croquet in the morning!

Hopefully tomorrow evening I'll be blogging again - there's so much to share.  And so much to catch up on as well.


  1. Hi there, good to hear you've arrived home safely! Hope you're sleeping soundly already as I write this...

  2. 12 days! Were you here that long? Did you take note of the kms travelled? The little girl was looking for you this morning, had a story to tell you. I look forward to seeing your blogs about our trip.

  3. So blessed in knowing that all is well, you are home, sleeping sweetly and will play your game again soon :)

  4. Glad to know that you are safely home and that you and Pauline had such a great time! Looking forward to hearing about the adventures.