Wednesday, 24 February 2010


My favourite yoghurt is prune and crisp apple.  That's what I'm having for breakfast today.  I originally thought of letting the world have this important piece of information a week or so ago when the weather was pretty indifferent.  It occurred to me this morning that I'd better re-take the photo.  After all the first photo (taken this morning) makes it look much more appealing (and would sell the product far more successfully) than the one below taken when the sun was a distant memory after a miserable 10 days when the washing mounted up and the rain fell.


  1. Yummy - I hope the yogurt was as delicious as it sounds, GB. It looks like a lovely day in New Zealand- enjoy!

  2. Prune! Not sure about that! Give me cherry any time.

  3. Good way to start the day!

    Even the memory of breakfasts outside had actually fallen out of my head until your photo brought it back...