Thursday, 25 February 2010

Art Deco Weekend, Napier

Art Deco Weekend  in Napier takes place each February.  It has developed into a huge series of events over a period of a week culminating in the Art Deco Weekend.  I spent from 11am until about 4pm wandering, chatting to people I know, photographing and generally soaking up the atmosphere. There will be a few postings to go with those from the last few years and I shall start with a few random photos.

Some of the several hundred old cars parked along the Marine Parade agaist the background of Cape Kidnappers across the Bay

The Royal New Zealand Nave Band playing in The Soundshell

Just a small selection of the hundreds of picnics taking place

The Band again

The Veronica Bell speeches

The Hawkes Bay catamaran sails along the Bay shoreline

A few of the crowds


Just chatting


  1. Oh this looks so summerly...! Outside my windows just now again quite heavy snowfall going on...

    Getting a lovely Word Verification here, though: "blessers"
    Had to send that on ;)

  2. Looks like SUCH fun! ;^) ;^) ;^) I love how many of the people are dressed in a reminiscent fashion with "boater" hats and dresses....

  3. Oh it does look like such a fun weekend - maybe next year! Love the photo of the scantily clad ladies with the umbrellas! It really captures a mood.

  4. This looks like so much FUN!