Monday, 18 January 2010

A Weekend in Thames

Thames is about 5 hours driving from Napier.  With stops it took us a day there and a day back.  Because of the relatively short amount of time spent playing croquet we had time to see various other things and I'll blog about them over the next few days.

I can't recall when I last saw a public telephone box.  This one is in Thames's main street

One of the many Churches.  At one intersection we counted 5 within a stone's throw.
The band stand is over 100 years old
The trees are not!

Top right is our motel and bottom right is a public BBQ
The sign and house just took my fancy


  1. hiya Geeb, great photos as ever - you always make me want to go visit the places you snap! Love the Wood Turning & Stuff sign!!!! LOL - only in Kiwiland!

  2. Looks like Thames has had a facelift since I was last there - or was I looking in the wrong places? I do recall the interesting looking houses along the road north to Coromandel though.