Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wandering Again

Ah well. It's a hard life this retirement thing. I'm off to Wanganui(I suppose that I should say Whanganui now that the powers that be have decreed that it can have the 'h' inserted - I'm afraid that you'd have to live in New Zealand to appreciate all the subtleties of that.) to a croquet tournament for the weekend. I'm doing the driving this time. We'll miss Jayne's Lucy. I was going to take Dora but have taken the new car instead. So we are in a car without a name!  Unfortunately there is a very poor cell signal at the house of the friend with whom we are staying so I might not be posting a 'proper'post until I get home.  That will probably be Sunday evening.


  1. Wishing you a good game, then!
    Thanks for keeping us informed...

  2. Thanks to you my friends. I had a great time.

    Managed a pretty middle of the road result but, hey, the competition was fierce and I played well so was well pleased with the 32 points I added to my handicap index. Not that that will mean anything to a non-croquet player but it's a pleasing result!