Wednesday, 6 January 2010


When I read blogs sometimes things just leap out at me.  That's happened a lot with Simply Heather's blog and I've mentioned it in the past.

However over the last week or so I've made a note of a few others.  As always with these things it doesn't mean that there haven't been equally or even more insightful and interesting things in other blogs.  It just means that these leapt out at me at that particular moment.

From A Fish's Beach Wishes  comes:
In Clouds

"That soft silence.
The one that speaks louder
Than any voice."

"I can only tell you that I have been blessed with the blindness of the past, the reality of the present, and the dream of the future. I believe. Yes, I admit that my circumstances are pretty damned good. I worry about my family, my finances, and life in general. But truth be told, I have food on my table every night, heat in the cold, and a loving family. I am truly blessed. I'm not sure why. Am I special? Absolutely not. Do I have abilities that put me in a hightened caste? Hell no! Have I made rotten decisions that have totally turned my life around? Oh.... yeah!

But what I do have is the belief that I will land on my feet. I will figure out a way. Put my head down, and charge"

OK so I'm still pondering upon "the blindness of the past" but it's made me do a great deal of thinking.  And that's an achievemnt I can tell you!

From Simply Heather
Outer Chill and a Warm Heart

There are so many people in the world that think life is more important than writing, taking pictures, dancing, singing, creating, smelling flowers and all of those other wonderful things overlooked. But, here, in this world of blogging - I find kindred spirits. I find good, honest, true people full of gifts and love to share. You are special people, my friends.

From Pauline's Paddock
High Expectations 

So, instead of a list of resolutions I am constructing a list of my high expectations.  It's not a Wish List, wishes are best left with the fairies (not that I don't have faith in the fairies) but this is a list of what I expect.

From Jen's Exquisite Juncture 
Giving Freely

"I am no better than he is. Just because I have more does not mean I am worth more..."

You really have to read the whole posting.

I don't read many blogs.  My blogland is very compact.  But those whom I follow all make me happy or make me sad or .... Well it doesn't matter really because they make me think.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of  your world.


  1. Thank you, my friend. Thank you for sharing in mine :)

    Love to you!!
    Feel the warmth?!

  2. GB, I feel honoured to be in such company!

  3. Thank you! You are so nice to include me. :)

  4. Thank you, GB. I am deeply honored - especially looking at who is in the list!