Monday, 4 January 2010


I very often hear a particular birdsong very close to The Cottage but have never in three years been able to identify it and the bird book's description is far from helpfull.  Yesterday the mystery was solved.  The call ocurred right outside my open ranch sliders.  I reached for the camera and managed to get quite a few shots with the Silvereye, for that's what it was, taking absolutely no notice of me standing there about 4 metres away.  I had seen plenty of Silvereyes before at a friend's house in Auckland but never been aware of their call.  The Silvereye or, in Maori, Tauhou (Zosterops lateralis) is an abundant native passerine.


  1. That's beautiful - and I'm getting increasingly envious about that camera of yours, being able to get such good shots at a distance... ;)

  2. What beautiful shots! Love the colors on that bird!
    I enjoy figuring out who is making a particular call. Like the red bellied woodpecker (quite noisy), it took me a long time to finally see him.

  3. I love watching silver eyes using my birdbath. They come down in a group and flit in and out, taking turns to keep watch. So much daintier than the Tuis - just one Tui can very noisily flap out all the water!

    Happy New Year

    Michelle and Zebbycat

    (birds are safe from Zebby - the lad can't even catch dozy moths)

  4. Love the photos GB - bird calls are probably my greatest failing as a natural history lover so I get quite excited when I recognise one.

  5. Another beautiful bird and wonderful photos!