Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rapaura Water Gardens - 1

When Jayne and I went to Thames Pauline had suggested that we should go and see the Rapaura Water Gardens which is about 20 minutes drive North of Thames.  So after play on Saturday we toddled off to see what we could see.  I am glad that we did.  There was a great deal to see.  So much in fact that I shall show you over several postings.  This is the first. 

There is nothing auspicious about the entrance but you can see the typical vegetation in which the gardens are set.

The café and shop

For me this was the most attractive and inspiring water feature in the gardens.  I would love to re-create it in my garden in Lewis

All through the gardens there were sayings


  1. I love the sound and freshness of running water like in a fountain or brook. And that quotation goes right into my notebook... ;)

  2. The water garden is quite something...something that my mother would have loved to see. She had one of her own that she kept up with when she was well enough to.

    I do like that true.

  3. These are stunning - I felt like I was there!

  4. Wonderful!!! I love the entrance to the cafe' and shop. I think that the water garden that is your favorite is beautiful! It needs an Oklahoma version. Hmmmmmm, what would that be...something not quite as tropical, with a little more desert mixed in, probably.
    Thank you for sharing, Graham!