Thursday, 7 January 2010

On The Walkway

When Wendy and I were down on Marine Parade with Fraser and Catriona yesterday we saw some unusual sights on the walk/cycle way. I even managed to photograph one of them.  I just liked the second one.


  1. Wow! Really great shots, and unusual contraptions too!

    And this walkway along the sea SO reminds me of one on the Swedish west coast that I sometimes visit in the summer... Seeing these pictures actually bring back the smell, the taste, the sounds...

    Along that walkway too, people ride their bikes, and I know I've seen some astonishing technical solutions in use there too (although right now I can't bring the details to mind).

  2. I got so swept away by summer memories that I had to dig out some old pictures of my own to show you what yours reminded me of! I put them in a special post at IOV. Good to get a reason to take a break from the snow!

  3. LOL - these photos are awesome! I love them! If I trusted my dogs, I'd get one of those 4 wheel skateboard thingys...

    Your comment about the sleep vs getting things done had me cracking up. I never used to "need" so much sleep, until I started teaching. My summer holiday was spent catching up on needed ZZZZZ's - then when I resigned, it became the norm. The first part was physical healing, and now it's a habit. But I am going to break it soon, I just signed up for a club, joined a gym, and am employed as a substitute teacher.

    oh boy!

  4. Father and son, man and dog. I smiled when I noticed the set of the little boys shoulders - can shoulders concentrate? Love the difference in body language between the father and son. Whereas man and dogs are all speaking the same language. And all under a constant, clear, blue sky!!