Friday, 15 January 2010

Off For A Weekend With Jayne

In 9 hours I shall be setting off to Thames for a weekend Croquet Tournament with Jayne.  When she asked me to go to this tournament I was still in Scotland and I assumed at first that we were all going as a gang as usual.  But in this case Jayne's usual partner, Colleen, couldn't go and Jayne's husband wasn't keen (he doesn't play croquet regularly) and no one else was keen - it's a day's journey away.  So Jayne asked me.  'Is Norman happy with that?' was my first question.  'Oh yes.  It's just Graham!' was the response.  I'm not sure that was a particularly flattering sort of remark but, hey, I suppose it's something.  So Jayne and I are off for a long weekend together.  Should be fun.  It'd be a bonus if we could add another trophy to our list.


  1. Enjoy the fun with your friend :) and may you win with good effort.