Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just What I Needed: PhotoGrid

Earlier in the year when I was still in the UK I tried to do a compostite picture of two photos for the heading of Eagleton Notes.  I soon realised that Picasa doesn't provide the wherewithall to do that and nor (so far as I could find) did PSP or any other programme I had.  Just at that moment Nephew-in-Law Who Cooks produced a program which did exactly what I was looking for.  It appeared on his blog, Tales From an English Coffee Drinker, in a post called The Trotternish Pumpkin (what else?!).  The program is called PhotoGrid.  It can be loaded from the Trotterniseh Pumpkin post.

The photomontage of Fraser which I produced a few days ago was made using it.

I am now officially a fan!

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