Thursday, 14 January 2010

It Just Took My Fancy

Wendy and I had coffee at The Starving Artist Café in Napier's Emerson Street on Tuesday.  There were several paintings on view which took our fancy but one of them spoke to me in quite a strong voice and said "You are attracted to me and I will hang on your wall in Scotland one day."  The flowing lines were, I had to admit, very attractive and the New Zealand Flax combined with the classical Art Deco was a very tempting combination.  I looked more closely and the face had a curious quality which puzzled me and drew me to it.  I resisted temptation.  Then.  But all that night I thought about it.  Next day I wandered back into the café and the owner said to me "Ah.  So you've come back for it have you?"  Nothing escapes her, obviously.  And now it is hanging in its temporary home above my bed before it begins its journey to Scotland.

The picture is called Flowing Flax and is by Vida Gardiner from Tauranga.


  1. Oh Yes! That is the most lovely painting. I can see why you just had to go back and buy it. I just love it. Looking forward to seeing it in "Tigh na Mara". Not above your bed though. It should be in the maih part of the house so that I see it every time I walk in. xx

  2. She holds strength in a calming way, able to share it as you watch the winds try to blow her not take your eyes from her or you will find yourself drifting by the powers of the wind.

    She does draw one in, doesn't she?

    The looks so inviting for good, cozy, restful, sleep :)

  3. I think she's looking in to you, or through you.
    Yes, there is no escape. :)

  4. There is indeed a very special, curious gaze in those eyes! I'm sure you'll be happy together... ;)

  5. She looks like she will blow away if you take your eyes off her. I think she will be at home in your windy island home. Maybe there she will be anchored.

  6. Love it!!!! Am off to google her name right now to see what I can see! Glad you bought it - very cool!