Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Home Again

Well I've been home again for nearly 24 hours of which I have spent nearly 8 1/2 asleep in one solid, deep sleep without recall of a dream and no pit stop!  So I woke this morning feeling refreshed and raring to go.  I spent a few hours catching up with emails and phone calls and having coffee and scones with Wendy.  Then I went to play croquet.  The weekend tournament was very enjoyable and I played well so have returned a happy bunny even though I only managed mid field results.  I did add 32 points to my handicap index.  I may soon recoup the losses I incurred when I had the disastrous start to the season.

 In Wanganui we were staying with a friend and fellow croquet player, Jill, whose fridge had various magnets on it.  As you know I love reading other people's fridge magnets:

I think that I'd rather gloss over this afternoon and evening with a rather indifferent loss by one hoop in a doubles Association Croquet match and then a thunderstorm (my washing which was nearly dry 12 hours ago is sodden and hanging heavily on the clothes line at 2330 as I write this) followd by an evening of total non-achievement.  However the rainbow late this afternoon as seen from The Cottage was rather wonderful:

And so to bed.


  1. Oh, some of those magnets make me laugh out loud!!

    Glad you've had a restful sleep...I did the same last night but do not feel as though I did :(

    You're rainbow is a wonderful reminder to me today....thank you ♥

  2. I'm going to have to miss your frig magnet pic, have waited for yonks but it won't download. But I do love, love the rainbow.

  3. It is a beautiful rainbow. Sort of works like an opening in the picture, draws your eye to the back of the picture, makes you wonder "what's beyond the horizon"...

  4. Those magnets were hilarious! :)

    I love your rainbow photo...it's perfect. Croquet was a favorite summer game of mine when I was a kid. We played it at my grandparents' home. It's one of the few memories I have of my papa before he died. I have always associated the game with him...

    You always know just what to say to make me glow - your comment warmed my heart, and Kia Kaha will stick with me. I have a few phrases that I lean on: Sisu (Finnish for strength/courage/gumption/guts), Carpe Diem (I'm sure you know that one), Sega Na Leqa (Figi for no worries/don't stress) and now Kia Kaha. I'm going to have that engraved on a silver necklace as a birthday gift to myself.

    Thank you. :)