Saturday, 23 January 2010

A Grand Old Girl: Lucy

In December 2008 I introduced you to Lucy.  Lucy is Jayne's trusty 22 year old 'van' with about 230,000 k on the clock.  I use the term in quotes because she is not what would be called a van in the UK because she has windows all round and rear seats.  I have no idea what she would be called in the US.  Anyway she usually transports us to our croquet tournaments because she is the only vehicle we have which will carry us all and our gear.   I occasionally use one of the family's larger vehicles but that's not always convenient.  In any case we love Lucy.  It was Lucy that Jayne and I went to Thames in last weekend.  These photos, however, were taken in Whakatane.  This is a tribute to a grand old lady.

She's beginning to lose some aerodynamic qualities due to her fascinating growths.
I thought CJ might like them.


  1. Lucy looks like she needs a much deserved rest and a little tender loving care :)

    best wishes
    Ribbon ~ australia

  2. AW!!! Lucy IS so lovable!
    (I think the "growths" are fascinating, too!!!) MY vehicle doesn't have those.