Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Decision - At Last

It's taken me six days to reach a decision.  OK I was away for three of those six but... Anyway last night before I went to bed - I had been out most of the day and all evening at a friend's for dinner - I decided that I had to take a decision.  I did.  However I left it open until the daylight of this morning to make sure it was the correct one.  So what was this momentous decion which took so long?

Well it started last week when I drove home after Croquet on Thursday.  I pulled up at the post box.  I'm not sure why because I usually leave it for Wendy because most of the mail is for them anyway.  But that day I didn't!  There was a large bill for my car which had a new cambelt and water pump before Christmas.   But all that was nothing when I saw that there was a package from Vermont!

Do you know that I cannot recall when I last felt such a flutter in my stomach at receiving a package through the post.  And how excited was I when I saw what I had received.  I so love those things which give you a constant reminder of friendship.  Well part of it was that.  Part is for posting about at a later date. 

So I repeat what was the momentous decision which took so long?  Answer: where to put it.  Decision:  next to the plaque that Wendy and Martin bought me several Christmases ago.  I put that under the clock where I would see it many many times a day.  So now I will be reminded of Vermont and a dear friend equally often.



  1. What a lovely gift, and it goes well with the other things where you put it too.

  2. Yes, the perfect spot next to the plaque!!! So sweet!

  3. Ooooooh...the pounding of my heartbeat! It looks wonderful there, where you've chosen to have it rest. So shiney...better than it did here in little old Vermont. It was meant for you, my dear sweet friend. Yes.

    Now, I see what you were saying about seeing something that you held in your own hands...sent through the mail, so far away to a dear friend...and now appearing on their blog, in their home, for you to see. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? It is.

    Love to you.

    It looks so good there, with you.

    ((big warm Vermont hug))