Tuesday, 29 December 2009

You Just Never Can Tell

This morning I wrote to a friend  saying that I thought it was going to be a Very Strange Day today. This morning the air was really heavy. The temperature last evening fell to about 8 degrees despite the fact that it was raining. This morning it was still sort of raining and the air was filled with the scent of the country after the rain.  It pervaded every nook and cranny of The Cottage. I like that. The temperature had soared to the dizzy heights of 18 deg on the deck and the ranch sliders were wide open. The birds wear vying with Sibelius for the attention of my ears.

Just before lunch I decided that I had to pop into Taradale to post a packet to Scotland - a pleasant 15 minutes drive. Taradale, that is, not Scotland!  I really must be more careful about my grammar.  It was still threatening enough for me not to put the hood down - and that is unusual if it's not actually raining.  I popped into the supermarket on the way home for a couple of odds and ends.

As I came out of the supermarket the sky was showing decided signs of improvement.

I've been doing some housekeeping this afternoon.  The mood took me.  How can one person create so much dust?  Oh yes.  I live in the middle of a pasture and orchards.  Despite the fact that the carpets had looked clean I took two complete empties of the vacuum cleaner off them!  That's a LOT of dust and pollen and whatever makes up all that dust.  Anyway you really didn't want to waste valuable blog reading time reading that nonsense.

The real point of the (rather pointless) story is that it is now 1730 and we've had 5 hours of full sun and the temperature is 32 deg C (90ish F).  I thought living in the Outer Hebrides was the place to live for unpredictable weather.  They say you can get four seasons in a single day.  You can but there's not that much difference between the seasons!   So why am I writing this and not sitting in my new sun-lounger with a cool drink in my hand doing a cross-word?  Yes.  Why indeed?


  1. Boy, do I know about that dust out here in the desert! And with two dogs, I can empty the vacuum 4 or 5 times every other day!
    Thank heavens for the Dyson Animal!!!
    Now go stretch out with that cool drink!!! Aaahhhh

  2. Well, I'm glad to hear you got that sun-lounger! ;) Now go sit in it ☼ !

    And thanks for reminding me of one of the few advantages of winter over summer: No pollen dust!!! (Now of course instead of summer pollen allergy I have a winter cold, but...)

  3. 90 degrees. Now if only you could match that on Harris in the summer.