Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Windows 7

I came to New Zealand the day after Windows 7 was released.  I bought a copy in the UK in Glasgow the day I left.  I installed it (I did a clean install) on Palin (my laptop) to replace Vista soon after I arrived.  I knew two beta testers who had both been very pleased.  I can now say that I am absolutely delighted.  I have never used a Mac but of the operating systems from Windows 95 through 98, 2000, Millenium Edition, and XP to Vista this is by far and away the best.  The speed is excellent - it opens and closes the laptop in under 30 seconds, it is clean and simple and has all the things I need (I am using Home Premium).  I would recommend it without hesitatation.

Now that Microsoft have now dropped Outlook Express which I have always used for all my POP email accounts I am wondering what to do.  I did try Mozilla Thunderbird but thought it was a bit too 'cluttered'.  That was quite a while ago. I might give it another go.  Does anyone use anything else?


  1. I hadn't even realised you were home in NZ, Sir, (this is what happens when one is back at work and returns to the rat-wheel...); and with so much going on... I feel for your dear friends and you marking their passing... I feel for the pooch with what looks like so little fur but a sweet jumper... I laughed at you and the ladies who share their accommodations, while you are croqueting - Is it a verb?!

    I wish you dance and joy and life, Sir, and I love the notice that you have taken back with you to that beautiful spot on earth...

    Be blessed, take care, Fhi xxx

  2. How much did they charge for it?
    I use aol for e-mails and for everything else Google Chrome, very happy with it. Like the sound of W7 but can't face a clean install, I suppose I could back up the whole drive junk and all then install the bits as and when I want them.
    WV is orsesses--orsesses for corsesses.

  3. I'm not going to be of any help to you, I'm sure because I continue to use Outlook Express. I don't have the new Windows as of yet, but didn't realize that they did away with OE :( - I've always used it and quite like it the way it is.

  4. I use Thunderbird at work and it does everything I want it to do and doesn't seem too cluttered -- I've always preferred it over Outlook Express, although I do still quite like the full version of Outlook.

    The other option of course is to just go with an online mail client like Google mail and ditch the local software alltogether but I guess you won't want that as you will want to read e-mails when you don't have an internet connection.

  5. GB can't you just download Outlook and messenger or whatever it's now called. There are a load of add ons free from Microsoft.
    Do you still need anti-virus software? Most problems I have seem to be Norton instigated and AVG was worse, well maybe not, as it was free.

  6. I'm of no help; I always just use online email services because I'm on broadband at a monthly price anyway and I don't travel...

  7. Thanks all. I still have XP on Samantha and use Outlook Express.

    I shall probably try Thunderbird again.

    I have about 14 different email accounts and if I use the web based versions then I can only open one account at a time in each browser - which is one reason that, in addition to Firefox, I also use Internet Explorer 8, Safari and Google Chrome. With Outlook Express I can check all accounts in POP at the same time.

    Outlook only comes as part of Microsoft Office and I don't use that any more. My need is limited and I use Open Office which is excellent - and free.

  8. I agree about Open Office!

    To my Yahoo email account it has been possible for some time to add extra and temporary addresses. So even though I use a number of different email addresses for different purposes I don't need to log in to more than one account. I've only kept one other account with a different domain which I don't need to check all that often.

  9. Oh my goodness! You all sound so intelligent. All I know is that I use the "thingy"that Graham set up for me when he installed Vista for me and that is that!

    I eagerly await your return Graham so that you can tidy up and sort out the mess I have made of the side bar.

    As they say horses for courses and why keep a dog and bark yourself!!

    With love x

  10. I've been called a lot of things, Spesh, but not, so far as I'm aware, have I been called a dog before.