Saturday, 19 December 2009

Tree Hugger

Opposite the motel we were stayin in Whakatane a few weeks ago was a wonderful piece of metal art standing about 3 metres (10 feet) high.  Is it just me who loves these pieces of happiness and jolity?    No one else even seemed to notice it.  Mind you one thing blogging has done is increased my awareness of my surroundings.  Thanks, Blogger.


  1. How could one not notice it? (at least at first sight!) Not exactly my favourite kind of art "as such" but it depends on the context...

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about the increased awareness of my surroundings (even the very familiar ones) since I started blogging! :)

  2. It is fun! ...and that is so true...blogging has completely changed my perspective. I see everything through the eyes of, "OH! I want to share that on my blog!"

  3. Scrolling past this one again while looking at some of your other posts, it struck me what this piece of art reminded me of. A couple of years ago in Sweden we had a sort of epidemic spreading: roundabout dogs Link goes to the Wikipedia article in English which explains the phenomenon. If you click on the Swedish version ("svenska") there are a couple of additional pictures. Also try Google picture search and type in "rondellhund", and you will really get an idea of how widely spread the idea got! (I have no pictures of my own or I might have made a blog post of it...)

  4. Sorry, I didn't get that link right. Making another try: roundabout dog