Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Taking A Liberty

I'm not one of the world's most enthusiastic pet lovers.  It's not that I don't like animals.  I do.  It's not that I don't like pets.  I do, usually, if they belong to other people.  You can understand that my lifestyle is not a pet-friendly one.  I did inherit a cat.  his name was BP which was short for Big Puss.  I can't recall what his proper name was.  Hew as a wonderful cat.  He would follow me from room to room and settle whereever I settled.  This could be a problem if he decided to settle behind me when I was cooking in the kitchen and he was trodden on many times as I stepped back onto him. It never deterred him, however, from parking his body in the same place the next day.  I'm not sure he was all that bright in that respect.

He was, however very bright in other respects.  He was not allowed in my bedroom and would camp outside the open doon withour ever stepping over it.  When a friend and I lived together we didn't use my bedroom.  When I was in our bedroom alone he would camp outside it.  However when my friend was in it BP would come into the room and ignore me.  He would even jump onto the bed!  He would then look me straight in the eye and dare me to throw him out knowing full well that my friend would defend him.

I loved him and his death in my arms by injection by the vet at the age of about 17 saddened me greatly

I have now been adopted as another poor fool by Comet, the Geddes family cat who now regards me as part of the Geddes clan.  I'm very flattered by that although I recognise that I am being regarded as a mug but.......

if I want to wash on your bed...
who do you think you are that's going to stop me?
I'm still watching you
Now I'm asleep and you can go back to what you were doing


  1. This is a fun post. We tried dog once, and realized very quickly that we were not meant for pets. Then a cat adopted us. (They are sneaky.)

    The last picture is a gem!

  2. LOL! You captioned those pictures perfectly!

  3. I've held a many of sweet, loving, family members (animals) while having them injected. I am much more able to do so than my husband is. It hurts Ray too much. Why am I able to? I suppose because I just know that it's going to be okay.

    Do you realize that all of our animals will one day be in Heaven with us? It says so in Revelation :)

    This is one beautiful, clean, sweet, soft puss ever so comfy on the bed. Beautiful kitty. We want one, but haven't found her yet. Soon though...I'll have to get busy searching.

  4. I'm one of the difficult people who are allergic to furry creatures like cats and dogs. Unfortunately this complicates relationships, not only to pets but to their people too...

  5. Me thinks you are a convert. Still can't rid the truck of the faint aroma of rancid seal fat. They are worth it.

  6. Beautiful kitty!
    I am SOOOO allergic to cats. (My eyes even swell shut...) I wish that I wasn't.
    I have my doggy.
    I've made that painful trip to the vet, as well. I'll never forget the look in my poodle's eyes.
    I try to switch the memory back to the day I brought him home and he bounded up the road, a little ball of red fluff, to meet the school girls as they got off of the school bus.

  7. That looks like one superior cat who knows exactly who is boss of that bedroom!

  8. Well done for coping so well with Comet adopting you.

    For Mickle and Zebbycat it was a mutual adoption, yet I acknowledge his opportunist self's work.

    All I can offer is try, ummmmmm, .....

    Oh, enjoy it, this cat has chosen your NZ home and your own self as a good place to be and an okay human to be with.

    Is it doesn't suit you then consult CJ - younger siblings do know stuff, (CJ - I'm the younger of 2 siblings too), and your brother and nieces do know cats, and know about cats,

    caring huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat