Thursday, 3 December 2009

Shoeless In New Zealand

Last year I was sitting having a coffee in Emerson Street - the semi-pedestrianised street in the centre of Napier which has many of the smart shops and caf├ęs.  A young and exceptionally smartly dressed young lady walked down the road.  She would have turned heads in any society dressed in a smart summer dress complete with hat and handbag.  But what struck me was that she was barefoot.  In almost any other City I can think of she's have been wearing elegant shoes - probably with significant heels.  But not necessarily in New Zealand.

I thought of that today because an elegently dressed lady reading the weather report was also shoeless.  In actual fact, of course, we weren't supposed to see her feet.  But after the news was over and she walked over to the newsreader to chat the cameras remained on longer than usual and as she walked off the set there she was, barefoot.

I just love New Zealand!


  1. Oh, dear Graham. I have figured out my dilemma - I am suppose to be living in New Zealand! I know that if I could be barefoot and wear the dresses of my own style, I would.


    I simply cannot wear much more than running shoes for my tender joints; and they do not look very nice with stylish clothing.

    I've always admired the women who can wear anything.

  2. I am officially jealous. That sounds awesome!

  3. That could happen in Sweden in the summer. Wouldn't say that barefoot in a city shopping street is a very common sight, but probably mostly because of the danger of cutting yourself on a piece of glass or something.

    Not seen it happen in a news studio but then again as you say we rarely get to see their feet so what do I know... ;)

  4. I remember years ago just as the News ended a mischievous cameraman lowered the lens to capture a new-reader's legs below the desk and there he was all hairylegged and shoeless. Seem to recall there was a bit of an uproar about it - times have changed and I didn't hear anything about the incident you mention.

  5. GB... Now stop it,Prerimp feeding my fantasies!