Thursday, 17 December 2009

Revas On The Waterfront

When Reva and Doug Meredith opened the first Revas in 1976, it was just a little hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in downtown Whangarei. But thanks to Revas legendary hospitality, and her love of delicious food, live music and local art, Revas 'Pizza Palour' soon became the meeting place for local musicians, artists, travellers and anyone who appreciated great food, great company and a great time.

"See you at Revas" became the farewell cry as cruising yachts left foreign ports to cross the Southern Ocean. In 1988, the pizza joint became a licensed restaurant in a new premises near the waterfront.

In 1995, Reva and Doug were invited to open Whangarei's first waterfront restaurant in the new Town Basin development - Revas on the Waterfront was born - and the rest is history.

We went for a coffee after the trip on Friday afternoon.

And the coffee - art in a cup


  1. That carved woodwork on the porch reminds me of old Swedish wooden houses, especially old spa places along the coast...

  2. Oh, my yes!!! Art in a cup is an understatement!!! I love that! The gingerbread trim on the building is lovely, too. What a great place!

  3. What a wonderful treat. This place looks so welcoming, refreshing to my eyes and the yummy dessert-ish coffee....oh, yeah.


    Not sure if you're getting your email yet, so I'll leave you a little note here thinking that atleast you can click on your comments to see them :)

    I received the most adorable Christmas card in the mail the other day {thank you}.

    I will admit that I usually mail mine by now, normally last week but with us all having been sick - I've not done it. Probably won't make it for Christmas cards.

    Love to you! And a great big hug!

    Our temps are under 10 degrees Fahrenheit this week...your photos are looking more and more refreshing to me ♥