Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas Came and Christmas Went

As I start writing this posting it is 4pm on Sunday 27th. Where did Christmas go?  It's no secret that I am not a Christmassy person.  I never have been for as long as I can recall.  Well, perhaps that's not quite true.  I looked forward to Christmas at my maternal grandparent's who lived a quarter of a mile from us when CJ and I were  young children.  But at the time about which I am talking CJ might not even have been born.  I was really keen on Christmas principally because my hero used to come and visit.  In my memory he always did but, of course, memory playes tricks.  My hero was my Mother's Brother, Uncle Eric.  In a funny sort of a way he remained my hero until he died about 6 years ago.

Anyway this year the two youngest children and Misty came down to The Cottage at 7.45 to summon me up to the House for 8am to open Santa's stockings.  It's great.  Santa brings us all a stocking. - even I.   Well  I  suppose that I have been quite a good boy this last year.

Before Christmas Wendy put up some decorations including a Santa which Catriona immediately declared to be Santa Graham because, in her view, it looked like me.  Hmmm.  I'm not too sure about that.


 Inevitably I felt that I had to recored events for posterity:


I won't have to borrow Santa's needle and thread again to sew buttons on.

Misty decided not to be left out

The children received 'family' gifts.  The air hockey was my favourite

but by far the biggest hit - worth it's weight in occupied children - was the Big Band experience for the Play Station 2

of course Fraser, being Fraser, couldn't just scoot along the ground

and under the flawless blue sky

Martin cooked breakfast and we drank bucks fizz.


  1. Sorry, Catriona, but I just can't see Graham in those pants. BUT, grow the hair and beard, slap on the cap - and yes, I can see the resemblance to the Happy Bloke.

  2. Quite an acrobatic lot you've got there!

    I'm glad you had a merry Christmas, and I hope your holidays keep on being merry!

  3. That Santa reminds me of the comment I made on the photo you showed us a couple of weeks ago of your new neat beard-cut... ;)♥(Keep trimming!)

    Love that picture of the blue sky... Scrolling down through your post, one expects something more to turn up at the bottom of that picture ... and it doesn't! Made me laugh...!

  4. Oh, of course the Santa looks a bit like you, my friend; I thought that at first sight of him :)

    Look at the energy, no fear, in that boy, Fraser :) - My Joshua is a bit like that.

    Great sharing, as usual.