Monday, 14 December 2009

Back From The Wilds

It's 1pm and I'm back in Napier again and, despite myself, I'm ensconsed in The Cottage safe and sound.  I've had a great weekend and there is lots to blog about.  However after having no internet access at all since I left here on Friday and no Telecom cellphone coverage where I was staying I have arrived back to a broadband outage in much of this area South of Taupo (2 hours drive North).  Apparently it went down around 3am and Telecom are treating it as a major priority but have no idea when it may be repaired.  In the meantime thousands must be without broadband.  One would like to think that it'll be a short time before we are re-connected but Telecom's record on outages is not particularly good.  On occasion huge numbers of people and businesse are without telephone connections for weeks.  In the meantime I've managed to hook up via a dial-up link.  I've tried my emails but haven't had much success so far.  Oh well.  I'll be back as soon as I can. 

In the meantime having managed to get all the washing done I just went out to put it on the line and large spots of rain fell out of what had been a beautiful blue sky an hour ago.  Oh.  I forgot the hood's not on the car.  Oops.

I said 'despite myself' because I forgot to take my car keys with me.  So Wendy and Martin put the car down to the Airport last night for me this morning because Wendy had to be at the School this morning to ferry children on a trip.  Anyway Wendy managed to get keys to the airport.  Another oops.

I wonder what else will happen today.  If I'm able I'll let you know.  In the meantime......


  1. Well, good to hear you're back safe and sound! Hope you'll soon find yourself back in internet touch with the rest of the world, too...! :)

  2. At least neither of us have had to endure the hailstorm that attacked Canterbury today.

    I'm off to Tauranga tomorrow where it will be much warmer than Wellington's forecast showery 13C. Ah, Summer - or is it Global Warming?

  3. Glad to know you're home now...even if you're laundry is not drying so well :)

    Hope you're connected soon.