Thursday, 26 November 2009

A Tournament Best Forgotten

Well that's two days I'd rather forget.  I lost all 5 games of Association Croquet.  The irony is that I managed to play exceptionally well in part of each game but never managed to put a whole game together sufficiently to win although I only lost one game by more than a couple of hoops which was exceptionally frustrating.  I am, I have to say, rather less than a happy bunny.  But, hey, ho tomorrow is another day and a different game: Golf Croquet doubles.  My partner and I came second last year. 

So I now have the odd situation that I have not lost a game in the club and not won one away from it.  This has got to change!


  1. So you only win with the home crowd advantage, huh? Maybe there are too many distractions when you are playing away. Or maybe you need to employ a sports psychologist! Or maybe .....oh heck, I haven't a clue!! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

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  3. Sounds a lot like life. There are always some hoops that are exceptionally frustrating... ;)

    Was going to write good luck today but then realized your today is already over. Oh well... Keep your hopes up, anyway! :)