Wednesday, 11 November 2009


We had finished dinner and Catriona was pointing something out to me on the television whilst I was clearing the dishes (Where am I going wrong?  When I was that age it was my job to clear the dishes.).  Suddenly she turned to me and looked up earnestly into my eyes.  "Please,"  I thought "not another question I can't answer."    "Your glasses look silly."  Return to television.  "Excuse me, but why?"  "The frame doesn't fit the lenses."   No they don't.  But why do children have to be so logical about these things?

All that part of my life when I've worn glasses I've worn conventional ones: often nylon supras or rimless ones.  Last May when I decided I needed a spare pair I chose these on a whim and within about 50 seconds of looking at choices.

They have elicited all sorts of comments - usually favourable - from friends and strangers alike.   Daughter of Friend Who Knows Too Much said when she first saw them "Graham, those glasses are so unnecessary."  Thinking this was a compliment (modern slang so rarely means what it might be expected to mean and she's such a lovely person it didn't occur to me that it could be anything else).  I mentioned it to someone who remarked that that was rather an unkind remark.  Oh.  Unnecessary actually meant unnecessary.  Ah well.

At least they are not boring!


  1. They look like fun! As long as you can see out of 'em, fun is the only other thing that matters.

  2. I've always said that who needs mirrors when they have daughters?!

  3. I would like to feel as though if you like them, you can see and they fit well - that is what matters :)

    Children DO so have a way with blunt opinions, don't they? Grown adults do also, so I hear every day through the one I live with :)

  4. Being around children can be a really unnerving experience...! There is that age when they really have NO idea of "subtleness". When grown-ups are being blunt, we can usually presume it's by choice, which also makes it kind of all right to get angry with them about it. With children... we don't always know how to react. I think you did well to ask "why?"! :)

  5. Don't forget "silly" is good. I think I saw you comment to your brother just recently that he had been "silly". Unnecessary is also good I think! Boring, of course, is not, so I think you are winning!