Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Sharp Knife

One of the things that I really really (a 2-really is seriously really) like in the kitchen is a sharp cooks knife.  In my Eagleton kitchen I have an 8" Victorinox cooks knife which has doen sterling service and is as sharp as a razor.  I've never been able to find one in Napier.  When we were passing through Palmerston North on Sunday Jayne and I stopped to stretch our legs and went into the shopping mall in the centre of town.  I didn't even know that it was there!  As we walked through there was a shop in the centre of the precinct selling, yes, Victorinox knives.  So I now have my treasured Victorinox here too.

I did wonder, mind you, at the law relating to offensive weapons and the carrying of knives.  There I was walking through a busy mall carring a very sharp knife with an 8" blade (in a bag, of course).  I think that in the UK now the very act of carrying a knife with a blade longer than a certain length is an offence per se.  How do you get your knife home?

Anyway that's academic.  I have my knife and it ain't goin' nowhere.


  1. Knife sharp question, keeping you awake long into the night, I see (noticing the time of posting)...

  2. A knife is a knife (I know, I know!) but I like the cutting board.

  3. I have a Victorinox Swiss Army knife attached to my keychain in permanence. Seven years of service, and my only complaint is that I've lost the toothpick.

  4. You don't take your knife home, silly. You take your ingredients to the kitchen shop and chop them there!

  5. Looks like a good knife. I'm a fan of Sabatier knives myself. I did manage to break the smallest knife in my block once whilst attempting to peel a butternut squash -- I almost cried!

  6. Monica: Yes it was a late night.

    Pauline: A cutting board's a cutting board. But I like my knife.

    Archduchess: I have carried a Victorinox Swiss Army knife too for more years than I care to remember. However in the last 4 or 5 years I have lost as many of them by forgetting to remove them from my pocket before going into the security area at Airports. I now have one in each home and a HUGE note on my washbag so that when I pack I leave it at whichever home I'm in.

    Scriptor: You can be so silly sometimes.

    Mark: What I love about the Victorinox is the slender strength of the blade and its lightness. I just feel comfortable with it. I have a special peeler for the butternut squash!