Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Puzzles in The Dom

For years I've been keeping my mind active (who am I trying to kid) by doing crosswords. Mind you as I can't for the life of me get to grips with cryptic clues I just do the straightforward ones. CJ and I when we go out for coffee expect to finish the Times one before our coffee. It's a very socialable thing to do with a friend. The Dominion Post, one of New Zealand's daily papers, has a wonderful selection of puzzles every day including the usual crosswords and su doku and, and this is what I have recently 'discovered' Code-cracker.

It's brilliant. I am addicted. The only problem is that it's not a puzzle for two (unless you sit side by side so it could be handy for playing with a very close friend) so it won't replace crosswords across the coffee table.


  1. I enjoy the crossword and sudoku but can never fathom those codecrackers.Like you the cryptic puzzles are far too cryptic for me!

  2. I read about someone doing codecrackers the other day - thank you for the explanation as to what they are. I think I'll stick to crosswords though; especially as I now only tend to do them with someone.

  3. I never heard the word codecracker but I know what they are, I do them sometimes (in Swedish I think they're called Krypto). I agree those are a solo thing while crosswords can be a good activity to share.
    My parents and especially my mum used to do a lot of crosswords and sometimes we'd all get involved when we were together. I for some reason tend to mostly do crosswords in the summer when sitting outside, not so often in the winter. I keep to the straightforward ones too.
    In my daily newspaper there are daily sodukus, on two differents levels. The easier ones I often do before going to bed, or if I wake up at night and have difficulties getting back to sleep. The first level I usually manage to get right, but with the next level (less "clues") I always get stuck. There's obviously some threshold there in my brain which I can't get over...!

  4. That's just about my favourite kind of puzzle - I like word games :)

  5. Hi

    Not heard of code cracker, do you know whether there is an equivalent in the UK ? Will ask John or CJ or whatever but thought I would like to leave a message on your blog as have not done so before.