Monday, 16 November 2009

More Bulls

Whenever we go to tournaments in Palmerston or Wanganui or New Plymouth we go through Bulls.  I've posted about Bulls before in A Town Called Bulls and  A Town Called Bulls - Revisited..  It's a place which is always worth a stop whether it's for coffee or a meal or for the book shop or some of the other specialist shops on the main street.  For me it's the opportunity for new photographs:

And if you believe that!

A fence adornment

and another

A new ice cream shop!


  1. A smile for me this morning! Thanks!

  2. Wonderful marketing for a town that's all bull.

  3. did I miss this??!! I love Bulls - in New Zealand :)

    So, tell me Mr. GB - how does one write so well as to receive your daily comments? Just curious ;)