Sunday, 8 November 2009


On our way home from New Plymouth last Monday Jayne and I stopped at Hawera for coffee.  Hawera is a small town of 1100 population.  The town centra was actually larger than I expected and there were quite a few shops.  Or so it seemed.  There were plenty of caf├ęs, some of which looked really inviting.  But as far as we could see only one - a barn of a place - had a washroom.  There were, however, lots of op shops (charity shops/goodwill stores) and we bought a few books between us.  Jayne summarised Hawera rather aptly as lots of op shops but no plop stops.

However it did have one absolutely splendid piece of sculpture:


  1. In Hawera? When did they put that there? Was it a millennium project? 50 questions. Mind you when I stop to think about it I realize I haven't been in Hawera for 20 years!
    I'm glad to see you blogging regularly again!! :)

  2. Intriguing but looks kind of nightmare-ish to me...!

  3. Not sure whether I like it or not but it is certainly clever and intriguing.